Pricing, Sizing & Care Instructions


As a small operation my goal is to be as transparent about my pricing so you know where your money is going. Currently, the prices I have listed for each item include cost of materials, the time it takes for me to create each piece on the production level, as well as the packaging costs. Currently I am paying myself $25/hr which is a living wage and one I would provide for any additional employee that joins me.

I have included a cost margin in order to cover things such as operational/ overhead costs, website fees and small marketing fees. Unlike most brands I am providing my pieces at a wholesale price in most cases. I want my pieces to be accessible while still making it do-able as I am a one woman operation.

Being transparent about pricing is important for me, as I believe smart shopping is the best way we can be sustainable and meaningful with our purchases. If you as the consumer understand what goes into each piece you own, I believe it will determine the amount of care and attention you give it!


As a general rule of thumb, my hat sizing is as follows:

INCHES 21 22 23 24
 CENTIMETERS 53.34 55.88 58.42 60.96


Please reach out if you have any questions, please be aware that special size requests are currently not an option. Most items are made from upcycled materials and there is a limited quantity.



Hand Painted Items:

* Hand wash with cool water & eco-friendly/pH neutral soap, and line dry away from direct sunlight. As these pigments are derived from nature, color will shift and change over time.

* This piece is hand-painted. Due to the craftsmanship of its creation its character can vary with time. Beauty should be found in imperfection and therefore marks or irregularities that appear must not be considered defects but attributes of its use.

 Hand Dyed Items:

* For best results keep out of direct sunlight, cold wash with eco friendly soap, and avoid acidic substances like citrus fruits and white wine as they will remove color.

Upcycled & Raw Canvas Items:

Spot treat with cool to luke warm water and let dry away from direct sunlight.