My Process

Every aspect of Margo NY's pieces have been thought through from conception to end of life. Here is a short hand version of how I source my supplies and my process. I also want to take this opportunity to share my resources, because I believe that no one owns any particular method or technique. This is my small part in making sustainable, slow, conscious design more accessible to whomever wants it! 
Sourcing Materials:
* First, I always try and find fabrics and clothing to upcycle, either through second hand at Goodwill or from Fabscrap, an upcycling and recycling textile nonprofit organization. If I do buy any new fabric I will only buy from suppliers that are GOTS certified, and try and keep production and farming within the US.
* For my botanical ingredients and earth pigments, if I cannot forage what I need on my own, I will purchase from a few trusted sources: Maiwa, Botanical Colors, Organic Cotton Plus to name a few.
* If you already follow me on Instagram, then you might know I love experimenting with natural color through different methods. And if you don't then please check me out @margo_newyork
* For all over color and shibori techniques I use dyes extracted from botanical elements such as logwood, cochineal, and avocado pits
* For graphic allover prints I use bundle dye using botanical elements and kitchen scraps such as onion skins, safflowers, turmeric, and lots more.
* For hand painted motifs I use natural earth pigments.
* Here are some amazing sources that I have been so lucky to learn from: Mad Provost, Natalie Stopka, Peter Valley School of Craft, Brooklyn Textile Arts Center to name a few.
End of Life:
* I save each and every scrap of fabric from every project! They are sorted into two categories: larger pieces that can be used for other projects (mending, quilted pieces etc), and smaller pieces.
* I am constantly experimenting with how to use the smaller pieces. Currently I am using dissolvable paper and layering the fabrics in-between to stitch them all together to create new textiles. You can just imagine how long this might take!
* I am happy to take back any piece that has reached the end of its life for that particular customer. I will incorporate it into a new project or recycle it in the appropriate way. Please email me at for question on this particular process!